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            • About CEIBS

              China Depth, Global Breadth

              CEIBS Beijing
            • About CEIBS

              Unmatched China knowledge, proven global expertise

              CEIBS Shanghai

            Request for Transcript and School Letter

            Please log in at?CEIBS Transcript and Certificate online application system (trial version)?to submit your application.

            For technical questions, please contact Mr. CHEN Rong at?crong@ceibs.edu

            For questions related to student affairs, you may contact Ms. JING?at?studentaffairs@ceibs.edu, +86 21 28905915 or +86 21?28905137.

            Employers or agencies seeking verification of qualifications may contact studentaffairs@ceibs.edu. Please submit a?written request, photocopy of certificate?and signed written authorisation?from the student or alumni to be verified.