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            Campus & Location

            Probably one of the most important factors of making your decision about where to do an MBA is location. So it is imperative to bear in mind all the pros and cons of the city where your school of choice is located. We believe Shanghai offers many compelling reasons which make it an ideal destination to live in – and to launch your global career.

            Shanghai has become the undisputed economic, commercial, and business hub of China and, many would argue, the business hub of Asia. The city has gone through an incredible pace of development over the last three decades and is home to many of the world's multinational companies. Indeed, there has been a clear migration of many global companies moving their Asia headquarters from Hong Kong and Singapore to Shanghai, in order to directly access China's huge market of 1.3 billion consumers.
            In the Winter 2012 MBA Edition of the Financial Times Rankings, the FT’s well known business education editor Della Bradshaw emphasised the importance of a business school's location in her article "Moving Targets". Bradshaw argues that "business schools must bridge the gap between business and academia, and the place to do that is on the doorsteps of global companies". According to her, London, Mumbai, New York, and Shanghai were set to be leading "global cities" for the coming decades, and she stressed the strategic importance of a business school's location inside a global metropolis such as Shanghai. (Click here to view the article)

            When first-time visitors arrive in Shanghai at night and watch the lights and activity next to the city's historic Bund and across the river in the Lujiazui Financial Centre, the word that first crosses the minds of many is simply – "WOW". Indeed, the city's strategic location and booming economy has brought along with it an impressive and colourful skyline, and a virtually endless variety of things to do. Life here offers a plethora of culinary, cultural, and shopping options which even cities such as London and New York will envy. Shanghai resonates with youth and innovation, and provides its residents with an outstanding standard of living, high levels of personal safety, and an extensive and modern metro and public transportation system. A large expat population, many of them in high-level professional positions, adds to the city's international flavour, and makes it an excellent place for networking.

            Come join us, and explore this amazing city for yourself!

            (Click here to view?virtual reality campus tour)

            CEIBS’ state-of-the-art Shanghai campus is located about 20-30 minutes from the city centre on the Pudong side, and is accessible by Metro and taxi.? It is located in the quiet expat neighbourhood of Jinqiao.? The area is an oasis of tranquillity away from the hustle and bustle found across the river in Puxi.?

            The neighbourhood of Jinqiao has developed in less than two decades into one of Shanghai’s most posh areas, sporting new and world-class infrastructure, attractive residential areas, hotels, international schools for expat children, modern health care clinics, as well as a large array of international restaurants representing almost every corner of the planet. American, Spanish, Mexican, Italian, Indian, Thai restaurants and many more are within walking distance from the CEIBS campus. The world-class Kerry Parkside Center (www.kerryparkside.com) is just an 8-minute taxi ride away, and offers unparalleled shopping, entertainment, restaurant, and sports facilities.

            The CEIBS campus enjoys a quiet and professional environment ideal for studying, conferences, and socialising with peers. Designed by globally renowned architectural firm Pei Cobb Freed & Partners, the school's architectural theme combines Western architecture with the subtlety of Chinese design and elegance, using unique “Suzhou” tiles.? The campus facilities are connected with an arcade walkway that encloses the main garden, often referred to as the bamboo forest. It is also dotted with ample grass areas adding to the outdoor atmosphere. In 2013, CEIBS inaugurated Phase 3 of the Shanghai Campus, which doubled its size to?75,000 square meters.

            Students have the option to live on or off campus.? There are three student dormitory buildings on campus. Building 1 and 2 offer standard accommodation, while Building 3 is of superior standard.?? Each room is equipped with telephone, air-conditioning/heating, bathroom, computer network connection, and satellite TV hook-up.

            Room Type ? ? Price
            Single Room ? RMB 2,550/month ? ??
            Twin-Bed Room RMB 1,300/person/month ???

            Off campus apartment residences are available, within walking distance, for singles, couples, and families.? For singles and couples, apartments can average around RMB 2500-3500 (US$400-$550) per month for a studio or one bedroom.? Family apartments for 2-3 bedrooms average around RMB 4,000-6500 RMB (approx. US$650-$1000).? Higher cost options are also available in the neighbourhood, including villas and single family homes for rental.? Some students also opt to?commute and live in Puxi near the vibrant city centre, where housing prices can be higher.