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            • CEIBS Beijing Library

              Opening hours: 10:00-18:00 from Thursday to Sunday

              National Day Opening Hours

            • CEIBS Shanghai Library

              Opening Hours: 8:30-24:00
              Legal Holidays: 8:30-17:30
              National Day Opening Hours


            • Library Exhibition

              An Aesthetic Appreciation of the CEIBS Library?



            Inter-Library Loan & Document Delivery Service

            ILL&DDS services are a way to obtain books and other full-text materials, including articles, from periodicals and dissertation papers that are not owned by CEIBS Library. Currently, ILL&DDS services only extend to our faculty and research fellows. Requests may be sent to librefer@ceibs.edu.

            Information Retrieval

            Drop by the library information desk if you have any questions about using the library, finding specific information, using print or electronic resources. Our experienced staff can save you time by helping you locate the right information source for your needs. Read...

            On-demand Video Service

            You may view videos purchased by CEIBS library online, which are available through the CEIBS campus network. Simply select the programme you want to watch, then you can enjoy videos immediately at your desktop. For details...

            Alumni Service

            CEIBS Alumni who want to borrow books from the library's collection may apply for the CEIBS Alumni Borrower Card. Read...

            Photocopying and Printing

            There are two photocopiers in the library. One is located in the 1.01 Copy Room on the 1st floor, and the other one is near the current periodicals area on the 2nd floor. Copies may be made by logging in with a CEIBS email account. It is suggested that users register their CEIBS card or Shanghai transportation card on the photocopier. Users may also use printers that are available in the library.