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            Application requirements

            > Undergraduate university degree or above
            >?10 years' work experience with 7 years in managerial positions
            >?A highly committed organization that allows participants two working days off each month to attend classes; financial sponsorship not obligatory

            Online Application Center: https://apply.ceibs.edu/hemba

            Hospitality industries

            Hospitality EMBA is a degree program that is tailor-made for senior managers in charge of service excellence in all industries including:

            >?Art & Culture
            >?Design & Consulting
            >?Education & Training
            >?Financial Service & Wealth Management
            >?Food & Beverage
            >?Hotels & Tourism
            >?Information & Communication
            >?Luxury Goods Marketing & Sales

            >?Property Management & Clubs
            >?Senior Care & Healthcare
            >?Sports & Entertainment
            >?Tenancy and Business Services
            >?Transportation & Logistics


            Hospitality EMBA(HEMBA)2020


            18 Months


            Round 1
            Aug 16, 2019

            Round 2
            Dec 06, 2019

            Round 3
            Mar 13, 2020

            Online Application


            Written Exam Aug 24, 2019 (Sat) Dec 14, 2019 (Sat) Mar 21, 2020 (Sat)
            Interview Jul-Sep 2019 Oct-Dec 2019 Jan-Apr 2020

            May 2020

            Application Process

            1. Inquiry

            You may contact us by phone, WeChat or in person on our Shanghai Campus for additional information before you begin your application.

            2. Application

            We invite you to apply, at any time you wish, through the online application system at https://apply.ceibs.edu/hemba

            Documents required:

            >?Completed Application Form (Apply online)
            >?Recommendation Letters
            >?Organisational Chart
            >?Sponsorship Letter from your Organisation
            >?Copy of Education Degrees or Official Transcripts of Grades and Degrees
            >?Application fee: RMB1,800

            3. Written Exam

            Candidates will take an independent admission exam prepared by CEIBS according to GMAT requirements, or the GMAT exam organized by GMAC.

            4. Interview

            After you submit the completed application, the HEMBA office will arrange an interview for you.

            The Admission Interview will last for about 45 minutes and will be conducted by interviewers from both institutions to examine each applicant's experience in the industry, management thinking, expertise, leadership potential, and other capabilities. The interview will typically be conducted at CEIBS Shanghai Campus.

            5. Admission

            The Admissions Committee will make an overall assessment of your candidacy after reviewing your application materials, and the interview result, within the context of a large, high-profile, talented applicant pool.