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            Make an Application

            The next Global EMBA class will start in?November of 2020.

            Application Requirements
            • Undergraduate university degree or above.
            • 10 years' work experience with 7 years in managerial positions. (You are welcome to contact us for an assessment of your experience.)
            • Strong command of both written and spoken English.
            • A highly committed organisation that allows you two working days off each month to attend classes; financial sponsorship not obligatory.
            Application Deadlines

            The dates of Admissions Rounds below are guidelines for planning your application.


            Round 1

            January 6, 2020

            Round 2

            March 28, 2020

            Round 3

            June 13, 2020

            Final Round

            August 29, 2020

            You may wish to make an appointment to sit in on a class or meet current students or alumni for additional information sharing before you begin your application.

            Romeo Wang?

            Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC
            Global EMBA 2012

            "CEIBS GEMBA program is a lifetime valuable journey for me. I enjoyed the time spent with world class faculties and diversfied talented classmates.? The core value I gained from the CEIBS GMEBA program is not only improvement of management concept and skill, but also reshaped leadership which is even more valuable. CEIBS GEMBA is the always the best choice for world class business leaders."

            Vanessa Alcala Gros?

            Global Production Manager
            Global EMBA 2017

            "CEIBS truly has the perfect combination of global breadth and China depth, which it achieves not only through the rich international classroom environment, but also through top notch global and local faculty and rich offering of international modules outside China. It has been the perfect trigger for personal transformation to make me a more rounded professional."