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            • Finance MBA

              Finance Depth, Managerial Breadth

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            • Finance MBA

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            • Finance MBA

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            Class Statistic

            CEIBS Finance MBA students are representatives of the "rising stars" of China's financial sector. They are all working in the finance industry or have a corporate finance function. They are engaged in different areas of the finance sector: banking, corporate finance, securities, insurance, PE/VC, accounting firms, privately offered/hedge funds, trusts, investment firms, real-estate financing, and so on. They have had outstanding achievements in their current positions. They are on the fast track of their career development and have shown the high potential of future leaders in the finance sector. The FMBA Programme will bring together an elite group of the most talented managers with the most promise of future growth working in financial institutions and in industries involving financial management. During their two-year study at CEIBS, they will not only advance their knowledge and skills, but also build enduring friendships with each other.

            2018FMBA Students Profile

            Industry? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

            4% Accounting Firm
            4% Mutual Fund
            3% Internet Finance
            3% Trust
            2% Private Equity/Hedge Fund
            2% Financial Supervision
            2% The Third Party Payment
            2% Real Estate Finance
            1% Insurance
            1% Law Firm
            1% Finance Company

            TOP5 Functions

            Other functions cover the following areas:
            Project Management, Consulting, Human Resources, IT etc.