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            CEIBS launched the Entrepreneurship Platform (abbreviated as E-Platform), a high-quality integrated entrepreneurial innovation ecosystem comprising entrepreneurial education, incubation and investment, on October 24, 2015.

            We Connect Alumni Resources
            Over 100,000 entrepreneurs and executives have been trained at CEIBS since 1984. The E-Platform connects alumni resources to develop an active entrepreneurial community from which great innovative companies can rise.

            We Deliver Entrepreneurial Education
            Entrepreneurs never stop challenging themselves. CEIBS, as the pace-setter for managerial education in Asia, is committed to delivering high-quality education and research in the area of entrepreneurship and innovation. It enables us to help start-ups expand their vision and connect entrepreneurs with investors. Since the China Entrepreneurial Leadership Camp (CELC) was launched in 2012, CELC has gathered numerous founders with dreams, passion and potential, and systematically provides entrepreneurs with theoretical and practical study.

            We Build a Global Platform
            Globalization is embedded in CEIBS’s DNA, with 70% of the school’s faculty having studied and worked extensively abroad, as well as global-based case study. Our programme is aimed at connecting global resources. The core curriculum will equip entrepreneurs with global vision, cutting-edge technology ?and managerial experience from the best practices.

            Our Advisors

            LI, MINGJUN
            Professor of Management, CEIBS

            NUENO, PEDRO
            Honorary President (European), CEIBS

            ZHU, XIAOMING
            President (June 2006 - March 2015);
            Professor of Management;
            Zhongtian Chair in Management, CEIBS

            Vice President and Dean;
            Professor of Accounting;
            Cathay Capital Chair in Accounting, CEIBS

            ZHANG, WEIJIONG
            Vice President and Co-Dean;
            Professor of Strategy;
            Member of the Academic Council, CEIBS

            Professor of Entrepreneurship, CEIBS

            Associate Professor of Strategy, CEIBS;
            Programme Director of Business Innovation & Transformation Programme

            GONG, YAN
            Professor of Management Practice, CEIBS

            JIANG, JIANQING
            Adjunct Professor of Finance, CEIBS

            CHEN, WEIRU
            Associate Professor of Strategy, CEIBS

            FANG, YUE
            Professor of Economics and Decision Sciences, Department Chair (Economics and Decision Sciences), CEIBS

            GONG, YAN
            Professor of Management Practice, CEIBS

            HWANG, YUH-CHANG
            Professor of Accounting; La Caixa Chair in Accounting, CEIBS

            LEE, SIEW KIM JEAN
            Professor of Management; Michelin Chair in Leadership and Human Resources Management, CEIBS

            SU, XIJIA
            Professor of Accounting, CEIBS

            Professor of Entrepreneurship;
            Chengwei Ventures Chair in Entrepreneurship, CEIBS

            WANG, TAIYUAN
            Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship, CEIBS

            Professor of Management;
            Bayer Chair in Leadership, CEIBS

            ZHANG, HUA
            Associate Professor of Finance, CEIBS

            ZHANG, YU
            Associate Professor of Strategy, CEIBS

            ZHOU, DONGSHENG
            Professor of Marketing;
            Department Chair (Marketing), CEIBS