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            • CEIBS Beijing Library

              Opening hours: 10:00-18:00 from Thursday to Sunday

              National Day Opening Hours

            • CEIBS Shanghai Library

              Opening Hours: 8:30-24:00
              Legal Holidays: 8:30-17:30
              National Day Opening Hours


            • Library Exhibition

              An Aesthetic Appreciation of the CEIBS Library?


            Contact us

            For new books recommendation:

            libacq@ceibs.edu?or 2890-5035/5244

            For use of electronic resources and services, general inquires:
            librefer@ceibs.edu?or 2890-5243/5245

            School (Main) Library | Global Sources Information Centre, Shanghai

            China Europe International Business School
            699 Hongfeng Road, Pudong?
            Shanghai 201206, P.R.China

            E-mail: library@ceibs.edu
            Fax: +86-21-2890-5299
            Tel: +86-21-2890-5248 (Lending desk)?
            E-mail: librefer@ceibs.edu? Campus mapmap_sh

            Library, Beijing

            Building 20
            Zhongguancun Software Park
            8 Dongbeiwang West Road
            Haidian District
            Beijing 100193, P.R.China

            Tel: +86-10-8296-6600
            E-mail: librefer@ceibs.edu ?Campus mapmap_bj

            Library, Shenzhen

            Floor 1, Suite 10A, Taihua Wutong Industrial Park
            Gushu Development Zone
            Hangcheng sub-district, Baoan, Shenzhen 518126, P.R.C.

            Tel: +86-755-3699-5111
            E-mail: librefer@ceibs.edu Map_sz